The technology sector is the fastest growing network in the world. Nowadays, it is a battleground of companies trying to dominate the scene. Apple has been a global leader in the mobile world for years one. Even though they are not strong in their price range, they more than make up for that with their much better animations and icons. It is still an Achilles heel for its competitors and what has kept Apple at the top.
Let’s find out what keeps iOS ticking in the market:
  • The one thing iOS can claim is their stability and speed. It is much faster and stable than any other OS in the market.
  • The voice-powered speech assistant, Siri, is a gem among similar apps. It is better and fine-tuned for speech recognition than its competition. It can be used to launch apps, book seats and send messages.
  • Siri also supports multiple languages such as Spanish, Korean, Italian and Cantonese.
  • iOS supports Facebook integration in its system, making events and contacts appear in the calendar and phone-book.`
  • Improved Safari support with faster browsing speeds.
  • iOS is well known for its security. It is one of the most secure OS in the world. It is quite difficult for others to sneak data from iOS. This places it much above other OS’s.
  • iOS features a better keyboard and touch recognition. It has also an improved auto-correction and word suggestion.
  • It will also protect your pass codes and private data better than any OS.
  • Most of the other OS’s take months for their update to roll out to smartphones. iOS is well known for rolling out its updates as soon as it is released.
  • It is no secret that iOS boosts one of the best looking interface. Android is still a long way from fully achieving this.
  • iOS is known to get new app updates faster than its competitors.
  • Only iOS supports multi-platform support. No other OS has supports in laptops, wears and smartphones.
  • Another major disadvantage with android is the amount of pre-installed apps. Only stock OS comes thin-skinned. iOS on the other hand, carries no junk software at all.
One of the major reasons iOS is still a player in the field is its ability to bring new, radical changes in each new update. This is evident from the new announcements Apple has released.
iOS is to be released to other platforms along with existing support for tablets and phones. Apple TV is one such device. It will support a new iOS and allow you to connect your phone or tablet with the TV. This will allow your TV to be used as a secondary display. iOS will also support third-party applications, making it more user friendly.
iOS is also supported in Apple watches. It allows better connectivity, such as allowing the user to check notifications and capture photos. There is sure to be a rapid development in the expansion of apps in the platforms. This will make the new devices all the more enjoyable for the masses.

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