In an organisation that develops software that is complicated, there are numerous problems to overcome. So most of the companies adopt agile development process and this is to make sure that they make the best possible product in the minimum amount of time.
Agile development is process in which all the problems and solutions associated with the software that is being developed are confronted on the run. The organisations employees or in other words the team of professionals that together create the software organize themselves into smaller teams and take up different sections of the software development. This increases the efficiency of the problem solving and at the same time the duration of time required for the development of the software is reduced by a huge factor. The practices adopted by the teams to achieve the required goal may be different because the emphasis is not on the method but on the results.
The key feature of this method is that the people creating the software can quickly and easily respond to any changes in the goals. For example if a new problem kicks in, the team which is working that particular field would change their objectives and mode of operation. In short the agile development method has a number of iterations and at the end of the last iteration; the product would be completed and can be delivered to the customer.
The Role of Performance Testing in Agile Development : The role of performance tests in the process of development of software is immense. The problems would only arise if the software is tested to its limits and only then the software can be made error free and efficient.
In agile development too, the role of performance testing is huge. But the only difference between this testing and the conventional one is that the testing is done along with the process of development. It is important to note that in agile development, it becomes more and more expensive and difficult to make changes with the passage of time. So the aim is to make sure that all kinds of problems are detected and rectified as soon as possible during the development run itself.
While testing the performance, the users need to be considered as well. The environment in which the software is going to work in, the type and amount of data that the software will have to work on, all these needs to be considered while testing the performance of a particular software. Also suitable test data needs to be created to make sure that the software does not fail during actual processing. These even the testing phase has become automatic. There are different kinds of software that can test other ones according to developers’ guidelines. Each section or component is tested and finally the whole product is tested.

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