There are certainly many things that Windows OS does so much better than the Android devices. Alright, clam your horses. About 80% of the world’s smartphone users use Android and it’s pretty obvious that there must be some reason for that. Anyhow, let’s have a look at the things that windows OS does the best.
Build Quality & Apps : The biggest ammo there has been to join the arsenal of Windows phones is Microsoft’s partnership with Nokia to start with. Although it is quite evident that the Windows App Store lags behind Google’s Play Store largely in terms of quantity, but what really counts with the apps is the quality. So far Windows phones have covered all the basic necessities. The Windows Phone OS isn’t an open source platform and yes, Microsoft does have stricter criterion’s set than Google. These are set of rule and inspection that an app goes through before landing into these app stores.Thus, this yields that the windows app store to respond with superior and better apps that have cleaner options as compared than what Android apps can offer.
Simply the best Integration of Email and Social Media : Windows Phone has set its mission to build up an end-to-end product experience their customers. It has one solid built-in social media hub that integrates all your social needs.
It is works very smooth and fluid. The ‘People’ Hub constantly updates from all the social networks that you’ve signed in on your windows phone, such as Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn. All your friends and status updates, all the notifications can be seamlessly seen within the People Hub itself.The people who are used to Microsoft’s service and software understand this fact well that Windows Phone works tremendously with Microsoft products like Outlook, OneDrive, Xbox, Skype and OneNote. Unlike Android devices, Windows Phone comes with a free MS Office in the OS itself.
The Gaming Experience : Although, it’s quite evident that Android having much more apps and games, Windows Phones has Xbox. Chapter close! Games such as Jetpack Joyride, Six Guns, Asphalt 8: Airborne and FIFA 14 are all for free. All of these games run very smoothly; and even on the low end Lumia Phones, playing games on your mobile Xbox is chill as a breeze.
The Versatility of Live Tiles : This is one feature that makes the Windows Phone so attractive. You are allowed pin whatever you want and how you want it to be. Not widgets, but each app on the home screen acts as a Live Tile. In addition to this, they also give a quick glimpse of what is going on inside each individual app. For example, one can see the time and weather on the tile of the weather app and it’ll keep updating itself constantly. Similarly, notifications from WhatsApp, Twitter, SMS and email could be seen on the main screen itself on the respective tiles.
RAM Management : This is the best thing about Windows Phones! Even with a memory of 1GB, a Windows Phone can run more apps at the same time without hanging than a hardware of 3GB RAM that runs on Android OS. Windows Phones are fast and they are years ahead in terms of graphics than Android or iOS.
Verdict : Although Android OS offers a greater app flexibility, Windows Phones offer better integration, great potential and fluidity. With the rapidly changing smartphone market, we need a solid platform which is of great quality and the potential to develop itself into a full range solution, that can span across mobile platforms, desktop and cloud. Windows Phone definitely an option!

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