Dhalite Services to Application providers lets them flourish in today’s fast-growing business conditions their essential collaboration, forward-thinking techniques and high-power technology methods as support,.

Our Strategic Companion works along with you to find out the best methods to attain your strategic targets.

Enterprise Programs: This is the foundation of all organization’s IT framework. You require dealing with growing technology and business agility while containing expenses. & Enterprise Application Expertise can support your alteration endeavors through Venture Resource Planning, Logistics Management, CRM, Human Capital Administration and Application Administration Expertise. Our strategic partners with all important enterprise software distributors aid us to suggest the perfect software for your corporation.

Business Cooperation and Client Knowledge: In this world of electronic marketing, enterprises require suppliers to tackle their electronic client and provide a distinctive and boosted knowledge at every stage. Business Cooperation and Client Knowledge aids businesses enhance client fidelity and generate sales by acquiring to market, quickly, with revolutionary electronic methods that deliver continuous, multi-channel user expertise. helps businesses interpret their electronic perspective into an actuality by using strategic thinking, nimble methods and worldwide leadership

Enterprise Business Incorporation: provides unparalleled consulting, application, and managed incorporation expertise on all top integration systems and free technologies. We work together with top distributors to provide best-of- class systems within effective, scalable methods created for any sector and any client. Some, like our Telecommunications Integration Packages and Professional Treasury Incorporation Framework, are sector specific. Others, like our Incorporation Enterprise Business Incorporation: provides unparalleled consulting, application, and managed incorporation expertise on all top integration systems and free technologies. We work together with top distributors to provide best-of- class systems within effective, scalable methods created for any sector and any client. Some, like our Telecommunications Integration Packages and Professional Treasury Incorporation Framework, are sector specific. Others like our Incorporation Competency Center-an alternative strategy to program lifecycle administration-and Middleware Migration Structure is a solution that quickly moves from one middleware systems to another-are created to perform in any sector vertical.

Venture Architecture: can allow line up your IT plan with your business plan, adopt rising technologies and monetize on existing software portfolios. We can create strategic methods that are key enablers of achievement in the Twenty-first century business model. Our world-class Venture Architecture squad can set up the structure, techniques, and equipment for developments in technology governance, develop the analytics required to determine position of your IT situation with your business objectives, and help apply the strategic methods that will drive your business ahead.

Enterprise Safety Methods: Safety used to be especially about avoiding or solving problems. Now its target has moved forward to improving the main issue. Our technique is to handle the safety needs of today’s companies that consist of embracing latest technologies; mitigating online hazards; and conforming with polices even while increasing client trust; minimizing risks, expenses, and complexity; attaining compliance goals; and enhancing efficiency. Safety today is about showing business benefits and we accomplish that with incorporated, end-to- end safety and compliance methods agile enough to change with ever-transforming business and IT threats.

Screening Services: We deliver model-based, holistic screening services operated by specialized equipment’s, frameworks, and methods. Using our own Internet protocol, or our reliable companies and the top of open supplier, we’ve created a base of assurance methods that gets your goods to market quickly at less cost, and with greater assurance. Our screening techniques consist of test automation, efficiency engineering, SOA screening, data-centric screening, package application screening, localization screening, mobility screening, test environment formation & administration using virtualization in screening, qualifications, and analyze consultancy.

Our application-related services include:

Enterprise Architecture

  • SOA solutions and legacy modernization
  • Mapping business functionality and requirements to technology solutions
  • Information architecture

Content and Collaboration

  • Document information architecture, taxonomy development, retention management
  • BI Dashboards
  • Unified Communications implementation
  • SharePoint implementation and customization
  • Drupal implementation, integration and customization

Application Development

  • Metrics for teams and individual performance​
  • Enterprise development for .NET, Java, Mobile
  • Dhalite Solution Framework  – prebuilt components, patterns and practices based on industry standards

Business Intelligence Solutions

  • ETL Development
  • Mobile BI Solutions
  • BI Portals and Dashboards
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