If you’re a marketer, the issue of B2B lead generation has probably plagued you more times than you can count. Leads are like miracles – no one knows where it comes from or how it arrives, but you thank your lucky stars and pray it happens again.
Thankfully, experts have narrowed down a few key factors to generate B2B leads. Read on to learn how to create your own miracle.
Cultivate social media relationships : When the digital age hit, everyone was positive that social media would save the world of marketing. Sure, social media can help. It is a revolutionary tool, but it is after all, a tool – what matters is whether you know how to effectively use it.
You cannot expect mere presence on social media to be able to generate leads. Just sending a few tweets a day will not help you in that aspect. Instead, what matters is building relationships on social media. Platforms such as LinkedIn provide a perfect hotbed, as it is literally a mass gathering of professionals on one site. Search for a few groups that contain your actual prospects, and start talking! Your presence and activity in group conversations will create a stronger marketing presence.
Effective content marketing : More than 90% of B2B marketers are using content marketing to generate leads. Content marketing is clearly effective; you need only take a look on your Facebook page to see how much content your friends and family share. However, as with social media, you need to learn how to maximize content marketing.
One possible tactic is to host webinars. This will put you face-to-face with your target group, and cultivate their trust in you. Other forms of videos are also a great tool. Videos are interactive and immersive, and can easily be used to gain popular appeal.
Blogging is a useful platform as well. One way to get your voice out there is to write guest blog articles for larger sites. This will increase exposure and direct traffic to your own site.
Sharing free content : The easiest way to receive something in return is to give. It basically acts like bait – except both of you benefit! Giving away free goodies is a quick and simple way to get more leads. All you need to do is share the free item online, and require their e-mail address for them to download it. Popular items are eBooks, vector images, photographs, fonts, blog templates.
Marketing automation : Marketing automation is a brilliant method for connecting with your users personally yet easily. How this works is that marketing automation tracks users and analyses their behavior in order to gain leads. Following that, the software sends personalized and targeted e-mails to your prospect groups, effectively hitting the bull’s eye on what they are looking for. This generates more sales as you are offering the perfect solution for their needs. However, marketing automation can be expensive. It is best to only invest in it if you are certain that your website is generating enough traffic and leads.
Integration : This is the most important of all. Utilizing a multi-pronged approach will yield the best results as you will be able to benefit from the advantages of all of them.

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