Dhalite’s cloud services boost the capabilities of these organizations by optimizing, customizing and supporting solutions aimed at improving customer experience and business agility while lowering costs and capital expenditure.

Cloud Migrations

Our experienced team of architects are well-equipped to understand your needs, why you want to migrate to the cloud, what your obstacles will be, what your options are, and how much effort and time will go into getting you there. Our technology services team has piloted many cloud migration
efforts, often after thorough assessments, roadmap creations, and continuous progress reviews. Such endeavors have included:

  • Legacy Modernization projects involving moving assets and systems to the cloud.
  • Application Modernization projects involving updating existing application code with cloud-aware integrations and leveraging cloud services to improve application components.
  • Development of cloud-ready applications.

Cloud Decision Trees

The definition of a cloud roadmap is often mistakenly approached on a very high level, making blanket assumptions about systems within the organization. The architects at The Dhalite Group have designed methods to efficiently analyze your applications, assets, and networking architecture to provide the best recommendations in

  • Cost
  • Stability
  • Maintainability
  • Risk
  • Change management
  • Technical skills required
  • Conformance to company policies
  • PII, HIPAA, or other compliance regulations
  • Inter-system dependencies
  • Load capacity
  • Accessibility
  • Security
  • Reliability (uptime)
  • Support SLAs
  • Long term costs
  • Short term costs
  • CAPEX goals vs. OPEX goals
  • Return on investment
  • Impact of technical debt
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