“Free” is what usually comes to the minds of individual developers when they hear open source. And isn’t it pretty obvious, that who would not be interested in some technology that does not have any financial involvement. Moreover, you can use with zero to very few restrictions in licensing.
Although, when companies take into consideration for working on open source, they understand this more and more with the passing days that it accounts for business agility. Quality something that is being increasingly valued above all the other factors in our marketplace that’s changing at the speed of life.
IT practitioners say that the need to be able to create and manage new applications in a short frame of time that is reliable and economical are the factors that are drawing small and big businesses to open source and hence creating a confidence in them for using it for larger projects and in the long run.
And the reason is you : This has to be a big reason for why the popularity of open source is booming. There are four key reasons that organizations of all sizes are taking open source seriously. And for one thing, open source keeps costs down.
But saving on the costs is only a part of the allure of open source (although it’s still a big part), regardless of the size of the organization.
People wonder on how certain companies generate revenue since they charge so less. For example, it makes us curios that how can Netflix charge as little as 8 dollars for an entire month for its service?
Well, this is made possible as everything is built on an open-source software. They focus on the content, rather than building an operating system or certain testing framework.
It’s as if the companies get the ‘Lego blocks’ for free to begin with. This enables the companies to spend their time and resources to build what they really want in particular. More enterprises tend to customize packaged softwares such as the ERP applications, only except now, customization has become less expensive with the help of open source.
The negative bound : Although many developers these days and enterprises in increasingly large numbers are not so open about open source. Well, everyone is not on board. Some prefer ease of management over features and cost savings.
Surveys have indicated that many developers who have declined to use the tools of open source; specifically, the integration tools, they primarily tend to shied away as they are rather worried about the tech support and the fear that they lack sound technical skills which may create some mishap with the management of open-source programs created. Respondents also had concerns about the licensing and security to somewhat lesser extent.
In fact, open source has helped in many cases in bringing the custom development back, of some great applications. With commercial usage of applications gained ground around the world, more and more software applications offering services along. This one option has accounted for the decrease in popularity around the past 10 years.
With the modern platforms in place which are easy to build for the future, experts suggest that expectations are of a five percent gain the productivity, integrating the probability of the existing point solutions and eliminating manual step process by large. Elimination is particularly very important for the best optimization.
The holy grail : Open source, as one might look at it, isn’t just about saving money. Enterprises are now adopting it to develop faster applications in small frames of time, and of course, with higher quality components

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