The emergence of the World Wide Web has brought to us whole of the world at one place. Everything seems to be just a click or rather a touch of a finger away. But it’s not as simple as it appears to be like. Everything you get to see on the internet from whatsoever the websites or webpage are all created and managed by millions of smart and incredible minds worldwide. Which is why the process hence evolved to be known as cloud computing. Actually, whatever we get to see on the internet is brought to us by a process called the cloud computing.
It include the services like analytics, networking, storage, software, servers and everything else we get to interact with on the internet. From watching videos, listening music, playing games, etc. to interacting with clients and making presentations, all have a great influence and hardcore relationship with the cloud computing. Few of the numerous tasks performed by cloud computing include creating new applications and services, backup and storage of database, hosting of websites, streaming videos and audios, and many more.
Cloud computing has loads of boons stored for us. One of which is that is not much costly and also is much easier to use. A perfect cloud computing is the best example of seamless usage and benefits of the internet services to the prospective customers. Because of its global existence, it has got huge publicity as well which resulted in huge supplier of the cloud computing services all over the world.
Basically there are three types of cloud computing known as IaaS, PaaS and SaaS which stands for Infrastructure as a Service, Platform as a Service and Software as a Service respectively. As the names suggest, IaaS provides the infrastructure facility for easy movement and working of data and operating system. The PaaS provides a suitable platform for best management and delivery of applications and software and the SaaS is software service provider for efficient working of the internet system on any of the web platforms.
 The software industry has got huge boost up due to the service and its enormous and endless demands. At the same time, millions of people from different countries are taking educations and training in this field to make it a carrier perspective.
The cloud computing services can be in three forms that is- public, private and hybrid. A public cloud computing are the on demand sales on hourly or minute basis. Whereas, a private cloud computing are done to the internal consumers   by the business data center. And the hybrid one is a combination of both the public and the private cloud computing.
There cloud mentioned here consists of the ocean of data, software, analytics, theories, facts and figures that completely covers the entire hub of knowledge and science of human benefits and existence. At the same time, it is not always profitable or benefiting as everything in this mighty world has some gray shades and the cloud computing needs serious consciousness and awareness to escape from such instances of grays.

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